Jobs That Help You Exercise

The most common excuse that people always use to avoid working out is usually “I’m too busy” or “I’ve been at work all day, I don’t have the time”. But what if we’re able to kill two birds with one stone by finding a job that helps you exercise as well as giving us the … Continue reading “Jobs That Help You Exercise”

How to Start Exercising

Everyone knows physical activity is good for your body and health. But if you, like many others, have not done any exercises since you can’t even remember, you’ve come to the right place. Starting to exercise is not the scary, unattainable goal it is often made out to be – with just a few simple … Continue reading “How to Start Exercising”

Health Benefits of Pilates

As one of the oldest group fitness activity, Pilates’ popularity still endures – and it’s easy to understand why. An hour of Pilates will improve your body and health in many ways. Here are five reasons why you should do Pilates… Pilates strengthens your muscles In a glance, Pilates might look easy – the moves … Continue reading “Health Benefits of Pilates”

Should You Get a Gym Membership?

When we’re looking to get fit, the first thing that comes to mind is often to get a gym membership. However, is gym membership actually necessary to improve your wellbeing? Will the investment be worth it? The answer is: it depends on your preference and needs. Here are the things you should consider before getting … Continue reading “Should You Get a Gym Membership?”