Should Women Exercise During and After Pregnancy?

Nigel Stepto, Victoria University and Cheryce Harrison, Monash University Michelle Bridges was this week branded “irresponsible” and accused of providing a “poor message” to new mums following an Instagram post of her workout one month after giving birth. The workout boasts 56 minutes of exercise – 32 minutes of jogging and 24 minutes of walking … Continue reading “Should Women Exercise During and After Pregnancy?”

Food to Eat and Avoid for Women in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in your life, but the changes it brings to your lifestyle could be overwhelming. For one, mindless food consumption is no longer possible – some must be avoided at all cost, while others should be eaten in moderation. However, worry not – below is a list of … Continue reading “Food to Eat and Avoid for Women in Pregnancy”