How to Start Exercising

Everyone knows physical activity is good for your body and health. But if you, like many others, have not done any exercises since you can’t even remember, you’ve come to the right place. Starting to exercise is not the scary, unattainable goal it is often made out to be – with just a few simple … Continue reading “How to Start Exercising”

Top Sydney Suburbs With Parks/Outdoor Gyms

If health and fitness spots are a priority for you when you’re searching for a new home, you may need to consider the more active suburbs of Sydney. The best location is often near the water or around the inner city areas. PRINCE ALFRED PARK, SURRY HILLS If you’re a swimmer, you would enjoy Surry … Continue reading “Top Sydney Suburbs With Parks/Outdoor Gyms”

Why Terms Like ‘Shred, Burn and Melt’ Belong in the Kitchen, Not the Gym

Naroa Etxebarria, University of Canberra Celebrity trainers and buff social media stars use terms such as “shred”, “burn” and “melt” to describe bodies responding to resistance training and cardiovascular exercise with rapid physical transformation. In the kitchen, shredding a carrot takes just a few minutes and results in destruction of a solid into small, manageable … Continue reading “Why Terms Like ‘Shred, Burn and Melt’ Belong in the Kitchen, Not the Gym”