Holiday Eating: Tips and Tricks

It’s that time of the year again. With all the feasts, it can be easy to worry about getting swept away – but you can still enjoy yourself while still staying in shape. Here are a few tips for healthy holiday eating. Lose the Guilt Have you been looking forward to homemade trifles, pies and … Continue reading “Holiday Eating: Tips and Tricks”

Thinking You’re ‘On a Diet’ is Half the Problem – Here’s How to be a Mindful Eater

Megan Lee, Southern Cross University Adult obesity rates began to increase dramatically in Western society in the 1980s, due to an increase in the popularity and consumption of high-energy convenience foods. Alongside this, a new trend in dieting occurred, with many people trying new and often unsuccessful ways to restrict their food intake and lose … Continue reading “Thinking You’re ‘On a Diet’ is Half the Problem – Here’s How to be a Mindful Eater”

Paleo Diet: Yes or No?

You probably know somebody who’s doing a Paleo diet (and couldn’t stop talking about it). Minimising carbohydrates and cutting refined sugar and grains seemed to work wonders for so many people – it has been claimed to boost metabolism and energy, improve mood and concentration, and clear skin up. Paleo diet is rooted in the … Continue reading “Paleo Diet: Yes or No?”

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Medical studies have shown numerous health benefits of watermelon, We are pleased to share what our research into the product has found. The journal, Nutrition, has concluded that watermelon can help the immune system stay strong; guard against cardiovascular disease; and may assist in the treatment of cancer, naturally, as it has an effect on … Continue reading “Health Benefits of Watermelon”