Drinks for Kids: A Guide to Healthy Consumption

Milk, juice, soda, cordials, vitamin water… there are so many drink options for children today it can be overwhelming to choose. Hydration is an important part of kids’ diet and health – what kids drink can help influence the amount of calories they consume, their eating habits and the level of nutrients they get. Here’s … Continue reading “Drinks for Kids: A Guide to Healthy Consumption”

Is Playtime Good for Children?

Worried that your children have too much playtime? Don’t be – it could help set them up for academic and career success. A study by researchers at Deakin University found that play-based learning, or learning set in the context of play, can foster children’s ability in exploring, experimenting and solving problems in “imaginative and playful … Continue reading “Is Playtime Good for Children?”

1 in 10 People in the World Are Obese, Report Finds

More than 10 per cent of the world population is obese, according to a study in The New England Journal of Medicine. The study found that obesity rates have increased in the past three decades in 195 countries, with 2 billion out of 7.5 billion people in the world being overweight or obese. Overall, 603.7 … Continue reading “1 in 10 People in the World Are Obese, Report Finds”

Kids’ Vitamin Gummies: Unhealthy, Poorly Regulated and Exploitative

Ken Harvey, Monash University; Eliza Li, Monash University; Rosemary Stanton, UNSW, and Stuart Dashper, University of Melbourne There are many brands of kids’ “gummies” on the market. They are promoted as deliciously flavoured and a great way for growing bodies (and fussy eaters) to get the nutrients they need. The “active” ingredients are usually listed … Continue reading “Kids’ Vitamin Gummies: Unhealthy, Poorly Regulated and Exploitative”