Event: Family Fun Runway Run, Sydney Airport

This month, you can stay fit for the summer and run off like an airplane. Family Fun Runway Run is back this year on Sunday, November 25. Race down one of Sydney Airport’s iconic runways in 100m Kids, 500m, 1km and relay race categories, and then chow down on food and activities afterwards. You can … Continue reading “Event: Family Fun Runway Run, Sydney Airport”

Paleo Diet: Yes or No?

You probably know somebody who’s doing a Paleo diet (and couldn’t stop talking about it). Minimising carbohydrates and cutting refined sugar and grains seemed to work wonders for so many people – it has been claimed to boost metabolism and energy, improve mood and concentration, and clear skin up. Paleo diet is rooted in the … Continue reading “Paleo Diet: Yes or No?”

Are High Heels Bad for Your Health? Two Experts Review the Evidence

Max Barnish, University of Exeter and Heather May Morgan, University of Aberdeen The answer to the question: “Are high heels bad for your health?” may seem obvious to some. There is copious research into the manifold ways that high heels affect their wearers’ well-being, but it is highly fragmented, often focusing on specific health issues. … Continue reading “Are High Heels Bad for Your Health? Two Experts Review the Evidence”

Kayaking 101: Tips to Stay Comfortable and Safe on the Water

Although you will see people in their bathing suits while kayaking in Sydney Harbour, there is a whole retinue of clothing safety and comfort to consider when you are on the water but also for when you land. First of all, you must be part meteorologist to make good clothing choices. But more than that, … Continue reading “Kayaking 101: Tips to Stay Comfortable and Safe on the Water”

Event: 2017 Miss Muddy

Looking for a fun day out with the girls? Don’t miss out on this fun 5K event in your city. This year, Miss Muddy is coming to Brisbane, Sydney, and Geelong. The 5km courses feature mud, colour, foam, inflatables, and hurdles for both beginners and experienced runners. No boys allowed – only the ladies can … Continue reading “Event: 2017 Miss Muddy”