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Paleo Diet: Yes or No?

You probably know somebody who’s doing a Paleo diet (and couldn’t stop talking about it). Minimising carbohydrates and cutting refined sugar and grains seemed to work wonders for so many people – it has been claimed to boost metabolism and energy, improve mood and concentration, and clear skin up. Paleo diet is rooted in the … Continue reading “Paleo Diet: Yes or No?”

Event: Festival of the Feet, Sydney

Looking to train for City2Surf, or just want a fun active day out with your family and friends? Don’t miss out on this run. The Festival of the Feet welcomes runners of all abilities, with tracks ranging from 3km to 21.1km along Georges River and Lake Gillawarna in the Mirrambeena Regional Park, Georges Hall. Entry … Continue reading “Event: Festival of the Feet, Sydney”

Why Having a Pet is Good for Your Health

Who doesn’t love pets? Dogs, cats and the likes not only bring you joy, love and companionship, but they also improve your health. We’ve got the evidence… Good for Your Heart Watching cute animal videos might make your heart feel weak, but pets actually help improve your heart health. Studies show that pet owners have … Continue reading “Why Having a Pet is Good for Your Health”

We Asked Five Experts: Do I Have to Drink Eight Glasses of Water per Day?

Alexandra Hansen, The Conversation Everyone knows humans need water and we can’t survive without it. We’ve all heard we should be aiming for eight glasses, or two litres of water per day. This target seems pretty steep when you think about how much water that actually is, and don’t we also get some water from … Continue reading “We Asked Five Experts: Do I Have to Drink Eight Glasses of Water per Day?”

New Coastal Walk Opens in Southeast Sydney

Need to spice up your running/walking routine? A new coastal path just opened up in Southeast Sydney. Western Escarpment Walking Track is finally open to public, connecting Malabar plains and Maroubra’s southern headlands in a kilometre-long track that winds through an island of unspoiled bushland. You can expect a 360-view of Botany Bay and keep … Continue reading “New Coastal Walk Opens in Southeast Sydney”

What’s the Deal with Aromatherapy?

From essential oils to custom candles, aromatherapy reigns as a trend these days – because who doesn’t want to smell good and be healthy? It has been touted as beneficial not only for physical health, but also psychological wellbeing. So, is aromatherapy as good as it’s advertised? We’re dissecting the trend below. What is Aromatherapy? … Continue reading “What’s the Deal with Aromatherapy?”

Why Sunscreen is More Important than You Think

Admit it – when you’re getting ready, sometimes it’s tempting to skip the sunscreen and just storm out of the door. However, even if it’s overcast or you’re spending most of your time indoors, using sun protection is still essential. Here are some of the reasons why… Preventing Sunburn It’s one of the top reasons … Continue reading “Why Sunscreen is More Important than You Think”