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Paleo Diet Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Disease, Study Finds

Paleo diet has received yet another censure from health authorities, as a new major study found a link between the famous diet and an increased risk of heart disease. Paleo diet, often referred to as the “caveman diet”, is based on the belief that eating the way early humans do promotes optimal health. This includes … Continue reading “Paleo Diet Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Disease, Study Finds”

Holiday Eating: Tips and Tricks

It’s that time of the year again. With all the feasts, it can be easy to worry about getting swept away – but you can still enjoy yourself while still staying in shape. Here are a few tips for healthy holiday eating. Lose the Guilt Have you been looking forward to homemade trifles, pies and … Continue reading “Holiday Eating: Tips and Tricks”

Dealing with Chronic Stress

With all the negative news around the world, the increasingly slanted work-life balance and other life pressures, it’s become more common to experience stress from time to time. Some stress can be helpful – studies show that up to a certain level, stress can improve your work performance – but too much of it for … Continue reading “Dealing with Chronic Stress”

Event: Family Fun Runway Run, Sydney Airport

This month, you can stay fit for the summer and run off like an airplane. Family Fun Runway Run is back this year on Sunday, November 25. Race down one of Sydney Airport’s iconic runways in 100m Kids, 500m, 1km and relay race categories, and then chow down on food and activities afterwards. You can … Continue reading “Event: Family Fun Runway Run, Sydney Airport”

Five types of food to increase your psychological well-being

Megan Lee, Southern Cross University and Joanne Bradbury, Southern Cross University We all know eating “healthy” food is good for our physical health and can decrease our risk of developing diabetes, cancer, obesity and heart disease. What is not as well known is that eating healthy food is also good for our mental health and … Continue reading “Five types of food to increase your psychological well-being”

Event: Tough Mudder, Sydney

Prepare to challenge yourself and get dirty – Tough Mudder is returning to Glenworth Valley this November. On a mix of muddy flats, rocky passes and thick shrubs, you can do your 9 to 16 kilometre-run through all-new obstacles as well as the beloved ones from the previous years, such as the Birth Canal, Quagmire … Continue reading “Event: Tough Mudder, Sydney”

Why You Should Eat Watermelon Seeds and Rinds

When you want to have a taste of summer, watermelons are the perfect treat – be it as a watermelon drink, frozen popsicles or just to be eaten on its own. Some, however, might dislike the idea of having to deal with the seeds and rinds, which might seem like choking hazards and account as … Continue reading “Why You Should Eat Watermelon Seeds and Rinds”