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Kayaking 101: Tips to Stay Comfortable and Safe on the Water

Although you will see people in their bathing suits while kayaking in Sydney Harbour, there is a whole retinue of clothing safety and comfort to consider when you are on the water but also for when you land. First of all, you must be part meteorologist to make good clothing choices. But more than that, … Continue reading “Kayaking 101: Tips to Stay Comfortable and Safe on the Water”

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Medical studies have shown numerous health benefits of watermelon, We are pleased to share what our research into the product has found. The journal, Nutrition, has concluded that watermelon can help the immune system stay strong; guard against cardiovascular disease; and may assist in the treatment of cancer, naturally, as it has an effect on … Continue reading “Health Benefits of Watermelon”

Should Women Exercise During and After Pregnancy?

Nigel Stepto, Victoria University and Cheryce Harrison, Monash University Michelle Bridges was this week branded “irresponsible” and accused of providing a “poor message” to new mums following an Instagram post of her workout one month after giving birth. The workout boasts 56 minutes of exercise – 32 minutes of jogging and 24 minutes of walking … Continue reading “Should Women Exercise During and After Pregnancy?”

Best Fruits to Keep You Hydrated

Spring is finally here! With the warmer seasons coming up, it can be pretty hard to stay hydrated. When it comes to replenishing the lost fluids from all your activities, drinking water is the best thing you can do – but if you want some healthy variety, fruits can be a great source of hydration, … Continue reading “Best Fruits to Keep You Hydrated”

Event: 2017 Miss Muddy

Looking for a fun day out with the girls? Don’t miss out on this fun 5K event in your city. This year, Miss Muddy is coming to Brisbane, Sydney, and Geelong. The 5km courses feature mud, colour, foam, inflatables, and hurdles for both beginners and experienced runners. No boys allowed – only the ladies can … Continue reading “Event: 2017 Miss Muddy”

Exercises You Can Do at Home

One of the most common (mis)conceptions about improving your fitness is that it’s expensive. Everything seems to cost a lot of money, from gym memberships and boutique classes to sporting gears and smart trackers. However, you don’t actually need to have big budget to get fit. There are a lot of exercises that you can … Continue reading “Exercises You Can Do at Home”

Sports Drinks vs Water: Which One Should You Have?

When it comes to exercise, hydration is indeed important. However, is it truly necessary to stock up in sports drinks, or is water enough to quench your thirst? It is understood that when you exercise, you lose some body fluid through sweat. This is where sports drinks supposedly come in. They contain three important things: … Continue reading “Sports Drinks vs Water: Which One Should You Have?”

Here’s What Stopping Smoking Does to Your Health

Everyone knows smoking is unhealthy. Many smokers may think that since the damage has been done, they might as well carry on the bad habit. However, quitting can improve your health in quick and significant ways. Here’s what stopping smoking does to your body: Improving Blood Circulation Smoking increases your heart rate and blood pressure … Continue reading “Here’s What Stopping Smoking Does to Your Health”